Mitsubishi Galant

1990 — 2001 of release

Repair and car operation

Mitsubishi Galant
+ Identification numbers of the car
+ Governing bodies
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine
+ Manual transmission
+ Coupling and transmission line
- Brake system
   Replacement of the sensor switch of stoplights
   Removal and GTTs installation
   Adjustment of a pedal of a foot brake
   Check of serviceability of functioning/tightness, removal and installation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
   Removal and valve regulator installation
   Removal and installation of brake lines
   Pumping of brake system
   Disk brake mechanisms - the general information
   Assessment of a condition of brake shoes
   Replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms
   Removal and installation of supports of disk brake mechanisms
   Regenerative repair of a support of the disk brake mechanism
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of a brake disk
   Drum-type brake mechanisms - the general information
   Removal, installation and check of a condition of a brake drum
   Check of a condition of brake boots
   Removal and installation of brake boots
   Adjustment of drum-type brake mechanisms
   Removal, regenerative repair and installation of wheel cylinders
   Removal and cable installation (ов) drive of the parking brake
   Adjustment of the parking brake
   Removal and installation of frictional boots of the parking brake (model with disk brake mechanisms of back wheels)
   System of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) - the general information, problem diagnostics and codes of malfunctions
   Removal and installation of the hydraulic modulator
   Removal and ABS control unit installation
   Removal and installation of wheel sensors
   Removal and installation of sensors of accelerations (G-sensors)
   Replacement of rotors of wheel sensors
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Removal and installation of sensors of accelerations (G-sensors)

Details of installation of G-sensors on the all-wheel drive Galant models for 1993 вып.

Forward G-sensor

1 — the Contact socket of electroconducting
2 — the Forward sensor of acceleration
3 — the Basic arm of the sensor

Back G-sensor

4 — the Contact socket of electroconducting

5 — a G-sensor Cover
6 — the Back sensor of acceleration
7 — the Basic arm of the sensor

G-sensors are used only on all-wheel drive (AWD) models and established in a luggage compartment under a carpet (the back sensor) and under assembly of the central console in car salon (the forward sensor). Sensors hand over information on the overloads arising during dispersal or braking of a vehicle on ECU ABS. The analysis of arriving signals together with the data accepted from wheel sensors, and information on working parameters of the power unit allows ECU to define reliability of coupling of protectors of wheels with a paving and to exercise administration of functioning of the hydraulic modulator taking into account this factor.



1. Remove assembly of the central console (the forward sensor) / a carpet in a luggage compartment (the back sensor).
2. Disconnect from the sensor electroconducting.
3. Remove about the sensor a cover (the back sensor).
4. Remove the sensor from a basic arm. In case of need dismantle as well an arm.



1. If removed, establish into place a basic arm of the sensor.
2. Establish the sensor on an arm and connect to it electroconducting. Tighten fixing bolts with demanded effort (11 H • м).
3. Establish a sensor cover (the back sensor).
4. Establish into place console an assembly/carpet of a luggage compartment.