Mitsubishi Galant

1990 — 2001 of release

Repair and car operation

Mitsubishi Galant
+ Identification numbers of the car
+ Governing bodies
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine
+ Manual transmission
+ Coupling and transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
- Onboard electric equipment
   Search of causes of failures of electric equipment
   Electric sockets - general information
   Protection of electric contours
   The relay - the general information and check of serviceability of functioning
   Check of serviceability of functioning and replacement of the breaker of indexes of turns / alarm system
   Removal and installation of the podrulevy combined switches and the switch of the lock of ignition
   Removal and installation of switches
   Removal and installation of block headlights of tight type
   Adjustment of the direction of optical axes of head headlights
   Replacement of lamps of lighting devices
   Removal and installation of a combination of devices
   Replacement of measuring instruments of a combination of devices
   Control system of speed (темпостат) - the general information and problem diagnostics
   System of additional safety (SRS) - the general information and precautionary measures
   Removal and radio tape recorder/CD-проигрывателя installation
   Removal and CD changer installation
   Removal and installation of loudspeakers
   Removal and installation of levers of screen wipers
   Removal and installation of the electromotor of a drive of screen wipers
   Schemes of electric connections - the general information
   + Schemes of electric connections

The relay - the general information and check of serviceability of functioning

For giving of power supply or a management signal on many of consumers of the electric power in the car (such as components of system of injection of fuel, a horn, a starter, the fan (ы) cooling systems, fog lights and so forth) are used by the relay. Actually, the relay represents the electric key providing short circuit of VV of a contour on NV to a signal. In case of a relay exit out of operation there is a refusal of functioning of the corresponding consumer. The most part of the relay is located in an impellent compartment, others "are scattered" on the car. The description of check of serviceability of functioning of the relay is provided below. The failed relays are subject to replacement.



1. Always it is possible to define correctness of connection of the relay on given in the last Section of the present Chapter to schemes of electric connections.
2. Usually the management contour is always connected to two of contact plugs of the relay. When giving on these NV plugs of tension the current starts to circulate on a winding of management of the relay therefore there is a short circuit of big contacts of a working contour of the consumer of the electric power. Other plugs are plugs of working (VV) of a contour and become isolated among themselves when giving food on a management contour.
3. For the purpose of simplification of identification of plugs of the relay explanatory marking is usually put on its case with the image of the scheme of connection of keys. If similar marking is absent, it is necessary to address to schemes of electric connections (see. Section of the Scheme of electric connections).
4. For check connect an ohmmeter between two VV plugs of a contour of the relay, - in the relay of normally opened type conductivity should be absent. Now connect the wire crossing point equipped with a safety lock between one of plugs of management of the relay and the positive plug of the battery (In +). By means of other wire crossing point earth the second plug of management, - the relay should publish click after which the ohmmeter will fix conductivity existence (the relay of normally opened type). Some relays demand obligatory observance of polarity of connection.
5. At negative result of check replace the relay.